Privacy Policy

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (hereinafter referred to as: “CCIS”) protects the privacy of users to the largest extent possible. CCIS undertakes in good faith to use the data received from users during the usage of the Portal (hereinafter referred to as: “Portal”).


The access to and content of the Portal are available to everyone. In order to protect the data on the Portal and to ensure that this service is available to all users, CCIS uses programmes following up visits and identifying unauthorized attempts to disturb privacy or to change the data, as well as those that could make damages in some other way. To try to disturb privacy or to change the data on this Portal is strictly prohibited. Proceedings will be initiated against all offenders in accordance with legal regulations.

CCIS can collect, in accordance with the law, certain data about its users received during the usage of the Portal (data on computer, Internet provider) or the data entered when raising a question or providing comments. The Portal can be used on a voluntary basis and all data collected by CCIS are exclusively for the Portal. Data on users of the Portal will be used by CCIS for the purpose of upgrading the content of the Portal and its better adjusting to the needs of users.  In certain places within the Portal, CCIS collects personal data of users (name, surname, e-mail…). The mentioned data are used for the purpose of making contacts and keeping records about the users of the Portal and for the statistical processing of their visits to the Portal. CCIS guarantees that the data collected in that manner will not be sold or in some other way given to the third parties.

We underscore that when visiting the Portal, your personal data will be kept as secret, unless you want to disclose them voluntarily. CCIS undertakes, except for the purposes prescribed by the law, not to give the data received from you to some other parties.

When raising questions or providing comments, your data will be used for the purpose of meeting your requests. In such cases, your questions can be sent to other employees in CCIS, who can answer your questions in a better way, whereby your e-mail address will be visible to other employees in CCIS.

CCIS undertakes all necessary measures to protect personal data of users of the Portal. CCIS does not forward the received data to third parties without explicit consent of the user. If you want your data to be deleted from the Internet CCIS database, it is necessary to submit a request to the e-mail:

You can require at any time the overview of all personal data we received from you on the Portal. Upon your request, CCIS can update, correct or delete these data (if the mentioned data are still in the CCIS database) or to cease to use these data in the future. If you want to exercise this right, please submit a request to the e-mail: