1When and under which conditions can a legal person export fruits and vegetables to the Russian Federation?

A legal person can export fruits and vegetables with high phytosanitary risk to the Russian Federation if it has been entered in the Register of Business Entities, Central Register of Facilities and Records of Exporters for the territory of the Russian Federation, kept by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, in conformity with the specific phytosanitary conditions of the Russian Federation.

A legal person is entered in the Records of Exporters:

  1. If it has a temperature controlled storage warehouse, in its ownership or under lease,
    • • with the capacity of at least 500 tons, with a space for minus, i.e. plus temperature regime, i.e. controlled atmosphere (ULO) – for fruit,
    • • with the capacity of at least 200 tons – for vegetables,
    • • with a space for fruit and vegetables classification and packing,
    • • with a space for phytosanitary inspection, with a workbench and lighting of over 600 lux;
  2. If it has employed an expert responsible for plant protection, with higher education in agriculture at the second-degree studies;
  3. If it has its own or contracted production of fruit and vegetables
2Which documents support fruit and vegetables exports to the Russian Federation?

Each consignment of fruit and vegetables originating in the Republic of Serbia that is exported to the Russian Federation has to be supported by the following documents:

  1. Phytosanitary Certificate;
  2. Declaration of Safety of food of plant origin;
  3. Declaration of Safety of food of plant origin exported to the Russian Federation.
3How are entries made to the Records of Exporters to the Russian Federation?

Entries of exporters are made based on the application made by a legal person to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, through a competent phytosanitary inspector, on the Application Form specified in the Regulation.

4Can a company be deleted from the Register?

A company can be deleted from the Register if a phytosanitary inspector has established that it no longer complies with the conditions stipulated in the Regulation.